Hall of Life

“The world is a book and the one who stays at home, reads only one page.”
What does “moving forward” mean? How do I measure progress?

Imagine a hallway filled with doors leading to different rooms. 
Each and every one of these rooms, lead to another hallway just like the first one and so on.
Here is the catch: inside every room, there is a task, some rooms more difficult than the others and the only information you have is provided by a tiny hole in the wall. 
In order to advance to the next hallway, you need to beat one of the rooms.

This is life, the hallway is your life situation, the doors represent each choice you make and the obstacles are the consequence of those very same choices.
The lessons you learn in the journey towards reaching your dreams will help you overcome those future Hallways.
For instance,
if you were to jump from hallway #2 to hallway #4. You would have a difficult time advancing when you are losing valuable information.

“If you can dream, you can envision, if you can envision, you can create.”

The problems we encounter on a daily basis could be quite nerve wrecking. 
Sometimes it may feel like life never cuts you some slack, but what if it’s not supposed to? 
We would not appreciate success if we weren’t capable of failure.
The world is a harsh place because it has to be. 
If we’re comfortable in our current situation then we wouldn’t feel the need to push ourselves in order to achieve our dreams
and “as long as we don’t put our dreams into motion, we are not only betraying ourselves but our families.” — Bryan Tracey

I love problems. Without problems, there would be no solutions, no happiness and most importantly no growth.
Every choice that we make will serve as a building-block in the land of success. 
So don’t be afraid to take on a good challenge. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.
Harder the challenge the greater you grow and the greater you grow, greater obstacles you’ll overturn.

My friend dared me to throw together a rhyme for you guys. After som careful consideration I replied, “Challenge accepted”.
“This is my definition of progress, these are my beliefs.
This is my mind-process, in a way, the source of my greed. 
It works like a charm but with no purpose of wealth,
Because I now know, in order to help others, you first need to help yourself.” — David Jaleh

People have a tendency to blame everything and everyone but themselves when faced with mistakes. 
This attitude will blur your view and it will result in not learning from your mistakes, cause in your mind, you were not at fault. 
Remember, there is always “room” for improvment. 
The very common fear of failure that resides in most of us today can be devastating to the average person.
We do not wanna admit our mistakes because, in a world of perfection, mistakes do not happen.

I can’t imagine a life of perfection. I can’t grasp nor understand it. it does not exist and so, I have never witnessed it.
The word is fiction to me. The one who seeks perfection, is still dreaming. 
Fortunately, our world is not boring. We make mistakes in order to survive. we make mistakes in order to advance and progress.

“The man who knows the most, know how little he knows”

People come to this life with wisdom that reaches no further than how far your arms and legs extends. “Trial and error” is your friend and partner in “progress”. “Trial and error” helps us gather important information and helps us pinpoint the next step, thus, should be left behind by no one.

Knowledge is something you have to collect. Don’t expect it to land on your lap. “The world is your book.” Don’t let this one gather dust on that shelf of yours.
Because when failure isn’t taboo, then life becomes enjoyable and fears become worth overcoming.

Sincerely yours