5 common rumors about iPhone 8


The launch of the new iPhone is probably the most anticipated event in the tech calendar of the whole world. The race to acquire the new version of the iPhone is stupendous. The pre-bookings and trying to get it as soon as possible is what every one of us aims at, the moment we know the new version is coming out.

The iPhone has become the symbol of class and high-end technical gadgets. We all want it and have owned one at one point in time. Yes, this is the magic of Apple! Apple has made iPhone synonym to good quality and latest technology. Although there are people who purchase it for the mere chic designing and status symbol attached to it.

Why are there so many rumors about iPhone 8?

Well, the answer is simple, like all popular and well-awaited gadgets, people start guessing about what features the next iPhone will or will not have right after the launch of new one. Iphone 8 or 7s whatever Apple ends up naming it is exactly such case. There are so many new rumors about probable features and design that one wonders if they are actually going to be present in the latest version or not.

Off course most of the features are guessed by some hints given by the Apple itself and some are just mere wish list on the part of the consumers.

The 5 rumors that have been going about:

1. It is rumored that the new iPhone 8 will have facial recognition. This rumor is going around probably because Apple got Prime sense and their infrared sensor some years back. So people have been assuming that to be included in iPhone for some time now.

2. Another popular rumor about the iPhone 8 is that it will have the feature of wireless charging. The rumor which is combined with this one is that the design is all glass, front and back. Experts say that this all glass phone will be able to facilitate wireless charging. I for one want this rumor to be true. Seriously, for a control freak like me who has to stay organized no matter what, handling so many chargers and their wires are frustrating.

3. Another really looked forward rumor is that you will be able to fold your iphone8 like a paper! Yes just like that…. Fold it in half and put it in your pocket. That is probably the most awesome feature. This might be true as Apple has been recently granted a patent for a foldable design with the OLED curved display. You might actually be able to fold it like a book and open it without any sign of a partition.

4. Another rumor about the iPhone 8 that people are quite sure about is that Apple will be launching it in 3 models with just minor changes, like one with LCD screen and dual camera, one with OLED with dual camera and one with LCD and single camera ad a smaller screen size. Also, you might be able to get a new red phone in 2017, in addition to the usual black, jet black, crimson and rose gold.

5. Another rumor that has huge chances of coming true is that Apple has decided to go back to the stainless steel frame. Since the front and back is to be of glass, so this stainless steel frame is a durable yet cost affecting solution.

So for all the iPhone lovers out there, I am sure that this year, which by the way marks the 10th birthday of Apple, will be the year of surprises and new features. Till then let’s all wait for the event of the year, the launch of the new iPhone 8!!

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