Why did it take 27 years for ‘the truth’ to come out about the Hillsborough soccer stampede?
Nina Renata Aron

While I welcome the explanation of what’s happened over the last 27 years reaching as wide an audience as possible, I would question the use of the word ‘stampede’ in the headline. That implies that it was the crowd themselves who were out of control and at fault when this inquest established that it was a failure of crowd management by the police that caused the disaster. A crowd of people were gradually allowed to flow into an unlit tunnel area unaware of the overcrowding ahead of them.

Also, the photograph used at the top of the article is deeply disturbing and its inclusion should be reconsidered. There are identifiable people in that picture literally in the process of being crushed to death. Some of them are children. I can’t imagine the distress it would cause if it was viewed by survivors or relatives of those who died. There must be plenty of stock photos out there that aren’t as graphic as this which could still have depicted the chaotic scenes that day.

I’m very surprised that the editorial policy of the New York Times also seems to allow the same photograph to be printed alongside their article about the inquest.

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