A Way Through It All

No clue about you
Clueless about me too
Know what I don’t like
Seems enough to know 
Instead of living up
Into a dream 
I’m dying in reality
I lived a full one though
Wild young and free
Few regrets until I turned 
Thirty, no really I turned thirty
Even though they said
I’d be dead by eighteen
I burst through 
the demographic
With my imagination

Transformed my perception
You called me crazy
Thought it was an act
But that shows
What you think ain’t what you know
I don’t care how you go
My way is different than yours
No offense, I just don’t care

I don’t feel as good as I look
I am not what I seem
Turn away and watch me from afar
Don’t get too close
Or you’ll hear my truth
Acidic words melting 
Into your days, I can’t unsee
All the mindlessness you perform
Your ego needs to be checked 
But I’m not punching you in 
The third eye today or tomorrow

Suffer in your sins without me
Let me go without attachments 
I’m not your karma 
You’re not my karma
Karma is ours to wrestle 
Untangle your heart 
And learn to love yourself
Before you love me
Before you love me
Love yourself first

They never taught you
You never learned
Now you’re scared 
Lost in your way
Stuck in your way 
I found my way
Without you

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