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California resident David Aimal Kashifi possesses more than 17 years of experience in corrosion engineering. In 2003, David Aimal Kashifi joined Corrosion Protection Solutions, Inc. as a senior corrosion engineer, overseeing project management of multimillion-dollar projects.

Corrosion Protection Solutions (CPS) provides corrosion control systems for the petroleum, construction, clean energy, and transportation industries. Reducing deterioration losses adding up to hundreds of billions of dollars, the company possesses expertise in treating well casings and marine structures, as well as above-and below-ground storage tanks and reinforced concrete infrastructure. Additionally, CPS maintains certification that permits handling of electrical grounding systems at satellite towers.

CPS places a strong emphasis on field investigation and reporting to ensure safe and quick implementation of its services. Depending on the infrastructure, customers can expect an analysis of dry film thickness and electrical continuity and isolation. The company also conducts soil and water corrosiveness studies and bell hole inspections. For more information about CPS services, visit

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