What happened when I went for a run in my I’M WITH HER shirt after the election
Elizabeth Licorish

While it is sad that some people behave like pigs, that has little to do with politics. No person should be objectified or abused. Morons behaving like morons has little to do with politics. Hillary was never going to win and it had nothing to do with misogyny or the objectification of women. She was a highly flawed, self entitled 1%er who played identity politics and ignored the real economic pain being felt by millions of the citizens she supposedly wanted to represent.

In the 1990's the Clintons ran as a team, Bill repeatedly said they were a 2 for 1 and that she was his best advisor. Well many older voters remembered he promised a lot he never intended to honor and they held her accountable for it. Her personal record as a marginal Senator from and poor Secretary of State hardly qualified her for the Presidency. of course, the Clintons and their cabal always blame failure on anyone other than their own actions. In the end, she did not close the deal and got fewer votes than Mitt Romney (2012) or John McCain (2008), so please stop the popular vote nonsense.

There will be a woman elected President, but hopefully for the right reasons which does not include identity politics. When a woman is the right person for the job I will be happy to vote for her. Elective politics is about addition- not subtraction.

“I’m a girl, vote for me, it’s my turn” is not inclusive, it is divisive. I guess it turns out Hillary wasn’t very smart just like many of us already knew. She thought she could steal the Democratic Nomination and con her way into the White House by pandering to a few select constituencies. She was nominated by Super Delegates, not having garnered enough votes among Democrats to get the nomination by voter chosen delegates. “I’m with her” brought us President Elect Trump. Hope you learn that lesson someday.

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