GetGems Weekly Update — Aug 22/16

Your Participation in GetGems

For the foreseeable future, Weekly Updates will be announced in the GetGems Official Channel with a link to the GetGems Advertising Channel. By adjusting the Gems cost of placing an advertisement in the GetGems Advertising Channel we have reduced the likelihood of imposing spam-like messages on our users. Thank you all for that feedback.

If you have the GetGems Advertising channel turned on, you will be paid for reading the updates. We value your attention. The Attention Economy on GetGems is happening now.

This week you may be paid in Gems if you participate in:

  1. The Daily Bonus
  2. The Daily Airdrop
  3. Providing valuable content and Earning Tips
  4. Creating Active Referrals
  5. Reading the GetGems Advertising Channel

We are actively working with third parties and community leaders to develop additional utility for Gems. As these develop we will include information in the Weekly Updates.

Saying Goodbye to Julia

We regret to announce that due to an indisputable lack of interest, Julia, our Bitcoin Teller bot is no longer functional. We bid a fond farewell and thank her for her months of service.

Looking to Buy or Sell Gems for Bitcoin?

Check out

Many Gems token holders have been actively helping to test with great success. This Decentralized Exchange service (DEX) built on the platform is still very much in Beta Mode, however testing has shown it is stable and development is ongoing.

You can use an existing Counterparty wallet or will create one for you.

Overview utilizes the Counterparty DEX (decentralized exchange). This site does not maintain any databases and all information is queried from publicly available blockchain APIs.


All encryption is handled client-side. Neither your passphrase nor any of your private information ever leaves your browser. Transactions are assembled and signed in your browser then pushed to the Bitcoin network.

How it Works

Buying assets with BTC requires two transactions. First, click on an Active Order in the Asset Market table (highlighted in yellow) to send an Order transaction. After the Order transaction has confirmed, a Pending Order Match will appear in the Order Matches table. Click on the Pending Order Match to send an Order Match transaction (BTCPAY) to complete your order.

Selling assets for BTC only requires one transaction. Click on the asset you wish to sell in the Assets menu then click the Sell button. Sell orders expire after 1000 blocks (about 1 week) and appear in the Asset Market table highlighted in green.

The advantages of using a Decentralized Exchange are reduced costs (To post a sale of Gemz cost .0001 BTC, and to buy gems the cost is approx .0006 BTC) and no third party escrow.

Comments or Questions about
Send a message via email to

Your Participation has Value

With well over 200,000 people now part of today’s GetGems Attention Economy, being paid to participate on GetGems, and the tools in place to develop projects only limited by the imagination, we are confident GetGems has a bright future. Need help? email me

Thank you for your participation.

David R. Allen

Community Support Manager