This Woman Just Made History, Proving It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start

Picture above is MiTa. Scroll down to see her video message

Thailand is home to more than 250,000 stateless children. They are not citizens of any country. Many are refugees or children of Hill tribe families. Few can speak the local Thai language, and even fewer find their way out of poverty.

Stateless children rarely attend school at any level because of language and cultural barriers.

That’s why Mita’s accomplishment has never been achieved until now.

Mita is one of the stateless children who grew up with Kru Nam, our Not For Sale partner in Thailand. Kru Nam rescues and educates stateless and at-risk children and survivors of human trafficking.

Today, we are proud to announce that Mita has just made history.

She is officially the first stateless person to graduate from a Thai university — a near-impossible feat.

Please join us in congratulating her.

Read MiTa’s Story in her own words here.

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