If you had to interact with your business ONLY on mobile, would you be happy?


I chose this article because I personally used my iPad to order a few products online. With the growing trend of mobile device usage for internet usage versus a desktop device, businesses will need to cater to their audience and make a pleasurable shopping experience. One of the first points made by the author @jasonkeath was “is your main website mobile responsive?” For my experience this evening I would answer this question as no. The website I visited was slow, glitchy and overall difficult to manage on my device. If business can create a smooth mobile interface, the customers will reward you with sales. The pizza chain Dominos is a great example of customer loyalty. They have a very user friendly online ordering system, which has increased their sales, not because of a great product, but yet because it is so easy to order with their smartphone app. Are customer service issues able to be addressed via mobile? This is an important factor, it is much faster to chat with a customer service rep via text than waiting on hold to speak to an employee.

Employers need to realize the importance of mobile devices for employees as well as customers. Having proper mobile devices and apps to complete work tasks efficiently increases employee moral and saves the company money. Happy employees and happy customers is a recipe for success. Most businesses do not look at these type of issues as major problems but the reality is that if you do not stay current with mobile technology, it will be hard to catch up.

Overall I believe businesses need to pay close attention to their mobile sites and make them easy to navigate for their customers, this will lead to an increase in brand loyalty which overall will lead to higher sales.