Everyone wants to be the next Netflix. But watch that other little content company.

By David Bloom

My latest column for Tubefilter looks at the sudden profusion of companies chasing subscription content and expressly saying they want to be the next Netflix or HBO, both companies that have profited handsomely from getting real people to pay real money for quality content.

But don’t forget this other little company that had a great last week. Among the glittering numbers in Apple’s quarterly earnings announcements (which sent its market valuation to $700 billion), its subscription services division made more last quarter than HBO did for the year. And Apple execs say they want to double their revenues from that division. Hmmm…

Just as importantly, companies are starting to figure out how to offer a range of subscription-content services (as Apple does and the New York Times is trying to do) that all can be valuable in different ways to different paying audiences. This is where opportunity seems to be sitting right now.

Read the piece here: http://www.tubefilter.com/2017/02/17/everybody-wants-to-be-next-netflix-apple-think-different/

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