With Sony’s PS VR, Virtual Reality About to Get A Lot More Real

My latest column for Tubefilter is about virtual reality, which had a big week and promises to get bigger through the holiday season thanks to Sony’s new headset, the PS VR, and the tech/entertainment company’s existing advantages in the market.

The success of VR will still depend on Hollywood, game companies and other big creators making enough material in the near term to jump start interest in the platform.

But make no mistake, from what I heard at a big VR conference this week on the Paramount lot, Hollywood is eager to jump in. Execs there see it as a way to launch a new creative platform where they have some built-in advantages, for now, over the bedroom creators who’ve built huge audiences on YouTube and other social media.

Give it a read:

Insights: This Is The Week That Virtual Reality Goes Mainstream


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