Harrison Ford has his finger on the trigger in Blade Runner. He ain’t letting go.

Take another look at…Blade Runner (Director’s Cut)


Director Ridley Scott’s cut of Blade Runner is voice-over free and complete with a different ending.

Breath-taking visuals and imaginative sets mean the futuristic cop thriller still excites.

The film takes place in Los Angeles, AD2019, where neon lights the storm stormy sky and people speak a patois of European and Asian languages.

This is a community infiltrated by replicants, synthetic human slaves turn bad.

They mentally match their human creators but physically excel them.

Opening scenes feature ex-Blade Runner (ex-cop) Harrison Ford given no option but to return to the force and track the robots down.

He visits their creator, who has Sean Young as an assistant, and then begins the hunt.

He first kills Joanna Cassidy as she runs through a series of shop windows.

That he shoots her in the back troubles him.

Blade Runners, like replicants, are not supposed to have feelings.

Subsequent scenes chronicle Ford’s pursuit of the other robots: Brion James, Daryl Hannah and Rutger Hauer.

They are after their creator.

They have only a four year lifespan, but they have acquired sufficient memories and experiences to want to live longer.

Blade Runner is still aesthetically pleasing.

The cityscape still impresses.

And the Sci-Fi talk is still fun to follow.

Performance are strong throughout, with Ford solid as the killer with a conscience, Hauer effective as the replicant leader, and Young in line as Ford’s romantic interest

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