Carlos Gallardo on the run through a Mexican town in Roberto Rodriguez’s El Mariachi

Take another look at…El Mariachi

El Mariachi is an invigorating feature about a musician mistaken for a killer.

The film has a sense of style and a generous dash of violence — exciting and well executed — and a contagious level of energy.

No money is wasted on the production — the film cost $7000 to make — in Robert Rodriguez’s Tex-Mex Western.

Co-producer Carlos Gallardo is fine as the Mariachi player.

He looks for work in the small town but does not expect to be marked for death by the henchmen of local crime boss Moco (Peter Marquardt), who wants his psychotic ex-partner Azul (Reino Martinez) dead.

The mistaken case of identity hinges on the amusing coincidence that both Gallardo and Martinez carry black guitar cases.

Martinez is terrific as the spurned partner whose obsession for revenge makes him terrifying.

In this macho world Consuelo Gomez is gorgeous as the barkeep who takes a liking to Gallardo.

Catch is she is one of Moco’s girlfriends.

The assured direction and inventive lensing are a treat.