Hurricane Dixon is a very disturbed red neck in Carl Franklin’s One False Move. Here he is seen with his equally troubled girlfriend Lila.

Take another look at…One False Move

Starting with a series of horrific slayings, Carl Franklin’s One False Move slows to develop a network of complex relationships in a well-told tale.

The idea is gripping.

Two criminals (Billy Bob Thornton and Michael Beach), along with a gorgeous accomplice (Cynda Williams), flee California for Arkansas, argue and commit more violent acts along the way, and play off against the Star City Sheriff (Bill Paxton) and two Los Angeles cops (Jim Metzler and Earl Billings) wanting to capture them.

The big city lawmen know the killers.

Wanted for stabbing and suffocations, the trio hope to avoid the heat in Star City.

But Paxton shares a close secret with Williams.

Director Franklin, working from a screenplay by Thornton, fleshes out memorable characters.

And the performers give them real life.

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