Romane Bohringer taking afternoon tea in Claude Miller’s The Accompanist

Take another look at…The Accompanist

The Accompanist is an interesting French picture.

Helmsman is Claude Miller, who was Francois Truffaut’s production director on The Story of Adele H.

The film is about a complex triangular relationship and, as a place of complexity, WWII German-occupied Paris is an ideal stage for this type of tale.

The players are two-timing soprano Irene (Elena Sofonova), her impotent husband Charles (Richard Bohringer), and Irene’s complicated young pianist-cum-maid Sophie (Romane Bohringer).

Sophie declares her devotion to Irene, who is having a passionate affair, and becomes her confidante too.

And as the increasingly unsettled three go through dinner parties, rehearsals, performances and perilous travels to London, the ties that bind them are slowly undone by jealousy, betrayal and pain.

And as “The Accompanist” reaches its moving conclusion it becomes, clearly, a film that only the French could make.

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