Gowdy Shamefully Politicizes Benghazi Tragedy and Threatens Iran Deal in the Process

The House Select Committee on Benghazi is a chaotic and partisan sham, and the Republican at its helm, Trey Gowdy, will do whatever it takes to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Time and time again, Gowdy has flip-flopped and twisted the original purpose of the committee to keep that goal alive — effectively turning the Select Committee on Benghazi into the Select Committee on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Gowdy reached a new low recently when he demanded that the State Department’s Chief of Staff remove his focus from our country’s historic and groundbreaking efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and instead testify before the Benghazi Committee about State’s pace of release of emails. Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the Committee, called this “a preposterous abuse of authority.”

Maybe Gowdy is naïve to U.S. foreign policy and didn’t understand he asked a principal player in the Iran negotiations to abandon a key hearing. More likely, Trey Gowdy is so committed to his hatchet job on Hillary Clinton that he is prepared to crater what could be the most important American diplomatic agreement in a generation in the process. It would not surprise me if Gowdy desires to use his platform as Chairman of the Benghazi Committee to actually destroy the deal. Considering the numerous instances Gowdy has already modified the thrust and goals of his investigation to meet the needs of the Republican party, such behavior should be expected.

It’s time to stop this charade. Benghazi has now been investigated longer than the Kennedy assassination, Pearl Harbor and Iran-Contra. Hillary Clinton has made clear since November of last year that she is ready to testify in a public, transparent way. If Gowdy were truly interested in preventing such a tragedy from ever occurring again, he would quit the taxpayer-funded stunts which become more shameful every day.