Inside the Shadowy Organization Jeb Bush Is Courting Today

After the Koch Brothers lost the 2012 election, they dusted themselves off and doubled down. They spent millions of dollars evaluating their strategy and their capacity. They are treating taking over our government like another part of their company: data-driven and dollar-minded.

Their revenue is House seats. Their offices are think-tanks. Their overhead is a legion of researchers combing through Hillary’s history.

And their top SVPs are Republican presidential candidates.

Today, Jeb Bush is attending a forum in Nevada hosted by the Libre Initiative, an organization the Kochs created in an attempt to make their brand appealing to Latino Americans and stem the flow of Latino voters to the Democratic Party.

Founded in 2011, Libre is recruiting (and coopting) Hispanics to support counterintuitive policies. The organization opposes the Affordable Care Act, which has helped 8.8 million Hispanics gain access to expanded health insurance coverage and life-saving preventative care. Libre also opposes a federal minimum wage increase, which would help more than 6.7 million Latino workers.

(A minimum wage increase, it should be noted, would also hurt the Kochs’ bottom line.)

Worst of all, Libre is using the Latino voters it has recruited to spread misinformation about the U.S. immigration system and so-called “illegals.” And while it claims to be for immigration reform, it opposes the DREAM Act and protections for DREAMers’ families.

Unsurprisingly, reporting and analysis by Media Matters shows that Fox News has trumpeted Libre as “a coalition of Hispanic leadership organizations” founded to “empower Hispanics.”

On my book tour stop in San Diego, I heard first-hand from a Latina activist about Libre’s activities on the local level and how they recruit their “grassroots” supporters.

As Emily told me, Libre is using the Kochs’ vast finances to pay driver’s license fees to register Latino voters. They help Latino families prepare their taxes. Ironically, they even set up wellness checks for Latino communities while working to repeal affordable healthcare.

The Kochs are using the states as laboratories for the radical policies they hope to impose on us nationwide. Their network is deeply embedded in local parties and organizations, from New Hampshire to Colorado to San Diego. And they are trying to use it to turn the nation’s fastest-growing voting community against itself.

If Jeb Bush really wanted to represent the Latino community, he would not be humoring a Koch-funded Trojan horse.

The Koch Brothers bought the 2010 election. But shedding light on their activities and the policies they advocate will ensure they cannot buy the 2016 election, too.

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