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Thank you, I appreciated your essay. I am older and I remenber the war/conflict in Northern Ireland, ‘the troubles’ as was referred. I was born in the Republic of Ireland. I remember watching the horrific bloodshed at dinner time, Protestants v. Catholics. As you say not the religions but people and I would even use the word psychopaths committed these acts. And the world has changed and now because of all the media platforms. Everything has been reduced to a soundbite we’ve all forgotten why we hated each other. Thousands of people died, kids murdered, it was called collateral damage. and hell even Prince Phillips uncle, Lord Mountbatten was assassinated. The casuality count over a 30 year period an estimated 3,600. To my knowledge neither Radical Protestantism or Catholicism were employed.

The root problem seems to the collective amnesia and woeful lack education, globally, creating conditions for breeding a panopia of ‘phobias’. The two most life changing classes at my Jesuit University were:

  1. The Philosophy of World Religions
  2. The Power of Myth based on the writings of Joseph Campbell.

I walked away feeling that we were connect and didn’t get the slight hint of negative slant of my very open minded Jesuit professor.

But then those were the old days.

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