My Every Day Carry

I was inspired by @jukesie’s #EDC to share mine.

This is what I had in my coat and bag today. When I can, I just take my coat. I forgot to include my phones.

My bag is the free rucksack I got with my work laptop. Actually it’s someone else’s as I preferred the new style, so I swapped up. It’s also got the small clips from the OneTeamGov and GovCamp water bottles.

The wallet is relatively new, it’s the slimiest wallet I could find. Since starting using Apple Pay this week it’s coming out less and less.

The scarf is now in the bag, it’s getting nippy, along with the hat Eileen, made by the fantastic Emily. Get yourself your very own hat made by Emily:

Headphones, I’ve not yet invested in particularly good ones, in fact the pair I’m using for my work phone are the old style ones that don’t fit well in the ears (the good ones migrated upstairs, I must rescue them.)

Folder it has my notes and scribbles in along with blank paper. I use blank paper more than I use notebooks, when someangharadthing is important to me, or of interest I’ll take a picture. I was inspired by Angharad to use it to put my stickers on rather than the laptop. The laptop it’s self is in the work locker. Maybe I should do one of these for the work locker… hummm what could you call it.

A relatively new purchase, it was July, is the IPhone/IPad to HDMI adapter, which means I don’t need my laptop for presentations or showing things, though unfortunately it didn’t work in the conference center in my office today 😕

Darcy – the pen and pencil case. I love bringing her out at meetings. Unlike the hat I didn’t name her, someone else did. Pen’s wise I carry a selection but my everyday pens are pentile fine tip, there are copics and whiteboard pens and different pencils. For workshops and that I use sharpies, but I don’t carry them (it’s a long story, feel free to ask).

Then the cross government pass, currently with break the stigma lanyard, I gave my OneTeamGov lanyard away at breakfast.

Tissue – cause it’s cold. Also interesting fact, when I’m under extreme pressure. Presenting to a room full of people or doing interviews are good examples my noes runs.

Reusable carry bag, it’s appeared in the bag today as I was moving hoodies from DfE to Defra.

Lipbalm – it’s nice not having dry lips. I find the air conditioning in our new office along with the cold weather means my lips dry out.

Charging cable for phones – not in picture they were on charge.

Roll of sellotape – I’m wrapping up OneTeamGov hoodies at the mo. It was on my desk and just got scooped up tonight.

Keys, house keys x2 (were going to need a new lock soon, I’m just putting of doing it I think until after Christmas) and work locker key. My main house key is still on the R2D2 key ring that Alex gave me many moons ago.

Glasses cleaning clothes, one from coat one from bag, used to keep one in my wallet I don’t now but I’d never leave home without (well i might, but it’s frustrating).

Tiny pencil. It was my Grandpa’s. We have suppervision at work and when we started that we needed to take three things in with us for a long journey. It hasn’t come out of my bag since, the other two things have.

Sticky Butterflies because, lists and things. This does make me think though I should also do this not just for my locker but for our draws. As we do have lovely stationary for workshops but also a whole lot more.

Water, not yet in a long term bottle, I broke my OneTeamGov flask by replacing the washer. This one arrived this week when I bought my lunch.

Keep cup. This one is from Alex its an upgrade as the lid stays on, the last one didn’t. Occasionally I forget it’s in my bag, as I tend to use mugs when in the office.

Note / doodles book, purchased in Manchester before OneTeamGov North. Has a lovely feel to the outside, it’s just 210mg paper but it’s got a nice feel. I also bought a fantastic pen at the time, which has since been destroyed. All I can say is it has very special notes and doodles in.

And in no way related bank cards and thingy me bob for OneTeamGov Bank Account. They travel with me at the moment, I’m not sure why, maybe tomorrow I’ll put them in my locker.