5 Do’s and Don’ts When Buying a Backpack

Are you looking to buy a new backpack for yourself or your kid and don’t know how to go about it? Well, I understand your situation as I was faced with a similar situation. At the beginning of this year my daughter requested a backpack to use for school and other activities. In my mind, I thought I would just walk into a shop and select one that appealed to my eye and viola I would be done.

Actually, I did exactly that but upon reaching home my daughter complained that the bag looked huge and ugly; my mistake was to buy a backpack made of strong and heavy material. I decided to do a research before shopping for a replacement and I came up with the following 5 do’s and don’ts when buying a backpack;


Do understand the expected use

When shopping for a backpack, do remember the purpose the backpack is expected to serve. For example, a backpack meant to carry school books would not be ideal to go out with during a hiking or camping event.

Do take account of the accessories

Various manufacturers put different accessories to a backpack. These accessories can either work out well for you or serve to be a curse. While having a backpack that has different holders for different items such as a water bottle, cell phone, digital camera among others is great, having many extra holders hanging off a backpack makes it look bad, perhaps “cursed” is a better word to describe such a sight, don’t you think so?

Do match a backpack with the user’s personality

Show me your friends and I will tell you what kind of a person you are, well the same can be applied here, “show me your backpack and I will tell you what kind of a person you are”. Since these bags come in different colors, styles and themes, you should chose one that complements your personality not one that will have others judge you differently.

Do consider its weight

Imagine your kid carrying a huge bag or going for a hike with a heavy bag or. Special cases require bags made from special material, that is understandable, but don’t let your kid carry around a burdensome backpack since you perceive it to be more long-lasting due to the strong and heavy materials used. Therefore, get your backpack’s weight right

Do check the material of the backpack to ensure it is of good quality and is durable.


Don’t buy because it is cheap

Don’t get carried away by the price tag. You might save some bucks now but when the backpack does not last for long or even meet the initial purpose, you will be required to spend more money on a new bag. Also, look for one that has an original warranty.

Don’t get swayed by your kids whining

Don’t buy a backpack even if your kid falls in love with a particular backpack that does not have standard safety features.

Don’t buy a larger backpack than is needed. A bigger backpack will be cumbersome to carry around leave alone the stares form people wondering why the parent of the kid didn’t buy a backpack of an ideal size.

Don’t buy a backpack simply because it is the one everyone is talking about. Look to ensure it will serve its purpose.

Never buy a backpack before checking it out to ensure the zippers and strands are okay and that the backpack is not torn.

Considering the above dos and don’ts will save you the common pitfalls that many face when shopping for a new backpack.

Happy backpackshopping.

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