How To Find The Cheapest Deals For The Best Paintball Guns


A paintball gun is the major equipment in the paintball game that uses expanding gas like carbon dioxide or compressed air in order to propel the balls through the barrel.

These paintball guns come in different styles, price and colors. Paintball guns can be divided into two road categories; speed ball guns and milsim pinball guns.

Speed ball guns are small and light while mislim are modeled and scaled like real guns. This article seeks on How to Find the Cheapest Deals for the Best Paintball Guns.


Paintball guns are carried around as you play. It is therefore important to consider the weight of the paintball. A lighter paintball is easy to play with especially when you are running.

However, the weight of the gun should not hinder you from selecting heavy guns when you are simulating a military environment. Moreover, heavier and bigger guns have add-ons like scopes and barrels that can be removed when need be.

Mobility of the game can therefore be changed drastically. Weight of the gun guides you to make informed decision on the gun to purchase for the game.


The cost of a paintball gun should be highly considered during a purchase. The gun come with additional costs like maintenance regardless if you play frequently or not.

Apart from the paintball gun, you also require a head mask, a hopper and probably pads. In addition, it is crucial to consider the cost of compression air or CO2. It would be simpler to invest in a paintball gun that uses compressed air because particular paintball fields give it for free.

The play style.

Understanding your playing style for the game is important in acquiring the right paintball gun.

Apart from the environment you’d playing in, if you get the wrong gun for your playing posture, playing becomes too challenging. If you like shooting a lot or making shots from a hiding position then it’s advisable to go for speed ball guns.

Their light weight would offer efficiency and bring out enjoyment and appreciation of the game. It is therefore crucial to understand your style and purchase a speed gun that suits it.

Shooting efficiency

Shooting proficiency is more of evenness and accuracy of the paintball gun. The degree of accuracy is measured by how consistent your gun is able to hit the target.

Semi-auto guns fires a single shot each time the trigger is pulled in accordance with the fire capabilities of the paintball gun while full auto guns fires a stream of shots as first as the fire rates of the paintball gun. When buying these guns you should take into consideration the mode of firing your targets.


Playing the paintball sport should be enjoyable for every one participating in the game. The requisite facilities to play the game should consequently be of good quality. When buying paintball guns you should consider all the factors of the game and mode of playing to make sure you buy the right equipment. Considering the amount of skill you have for the game, paintball guns should ensure you improve and enhance quality of your game.

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