Success in business is like success in any other aspect of life. The basic requirements are persistence and practice. Big wins only happen after you’ve put in the work. As many people that have had wild success in business will admit, “overnight successes” only happen after hours of applied hard work.

Persistence is key, without it, you cannot build. Consider building a sand castle. As you build, bits and pieces may wash away, or need reinforcement, these can be similar to the lessons you learn from the mistakes you will inevitably make. As you persist in building however, the sand castle begins to take even greater shape and form, filling the vision you originally had, and standing tall on the foundation you’ve built and reinforced for it.

Stay in the trenches, focus on continually building and reinforcing your business. The more you work at it, the more lessons you allow to reinforce the foundation, the taller and broader your castle and successes will grow.

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