Short 5

This is a short about spirituality.

It is my opinion that many people struggle with spirituality not because of the incapacity to posses faith, but due to an inner conflict of what they believe. Reconciling conflicting beliefs seems an impossible task, and handling issues of humanistic rationalization is equally as formidable when one considers what they’ve done from an objective standpoint; that is to say, how can I believe in something I’ve now rationalized enough so I can believe it?

Short begins-

“I’m curios about being curious”.

In the beginning , there was nature and nature was order through disorder. Nature sprung from the thoughts of man and therefore was created. It was an entity by itself however, one that could no longer be controlled through mans’ desire for order. Man had created disorder, through his attempt to order and codify all things.

This disorder caused all further iterations of man to be troubled, to rationalize all things in an ever fervent attempt to rectify the disorder the man prior to him had created. Man forced his beliefs on others, like an honest snake-oil salesman he talked of truths, of eternal forces and pressures. He sought to destroy the order others had created so he could replace it with his own.

He used belief to spur his attempts and disbelief to side-track others. For ages this continued, and for ages it would continue. There was no divinity, there was only man, and nature. The paradoxical effect that took hold in all of humanity’s mind founded wars and empires, delivered mystics and the paranormal. All in an attempt to order, the disorder.

Enlightenment was a goal for some, conversion was a goal for others, imperialism, force, love and truth a motivation for yet others.

Man was divided and disordered. This was the nature of man for he refused to remember his fundamentals, that he would not, that he could not, understand outside his realm of cognition. He could only go as far as his mind would go, a closed circuit, new could come in, but would still be relegated to the chamber. Old could fade, but there was no conservation of mass, no conservation of energy, only stillness, only order through disorder and this was not acceptable for it was not logical to our logical man.

“How is it that you have built a religion founded on nothing but anecdotes”,a nonbeliever would say.

“Explain yourself, this data offers only more questions”, a nonbeliever would say.

“You are the interloper here, be gone”, a nonbeliever would say.

Man found himself unable to reconcile the disorder, but that he could make order of it. How could this be? How could he find X out of Y but not agree with what made up Y.

Some said there was a God, others pontificated “God is dead” and still others rejected any being of power. Chaos forced normalization, which was rejected, and turned into further chaos.

Somewhere written in the moss that wept, written in the wind that howled and in the sun that burnt was the answer to some, and the antithesis to others.

“The point is, you can never know the answer. Not because you are not knowledgable, but because it is not in your nature. Order through disorder, and disorder through order.”