Being black is not a state of mind: The white women who thought she was black running a huge chapter in the NAACP

being black is not about skin color:jesse Williams vs Dumar Farrakhan David banner etc etc

Being black is not about the status quo, It about being the blackest none of that.

Last I remember being black was remembering how shitty we once had it and how much better we have it now ( severe understatement on a lot of levels ).

How we used to have cookouts, card games, dice games, originators of the block party (sort of), having community and accepting not just our own but everyone ( although sometimes it’s difficult if yo mama don’t like one of yo friends )

Unify and don’t let stupid memes, the government or the your “favorite” rapper divide us. I swear some are so blind to it that they think there’s no strategy in dividing us up.

Some of y’all need to watch the last two eps of #OITNB.

I’m pro black not anti white, understand I am aware of everything the countries done and is still doing, no I don’t want handouts you owe me nothing but some competence and deep thinking…

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