I Got This

I tell myself all the time, I got this.

Three seconds left, a two ties it, a three wins it, I got this.

The store closes at five. It’s 4:53 and the traffic light won’t change, it’s okay, I got this.

Two girls sit at a coffee shop, trying desperately to take a selfie with the super cute painting on the wall behind them, I got this.

The restaurant is at capacity, they said no more tables for at least an hour. Where are you going? I got this.

The car battery died? I got this.

Or so I told myself.

The battery wasn’t the problem, call a tow-truck.

The maitre d’ did not care for my insistence.

The girls managed on their own, their coffees still hot.

I got there at 4:57 the closed sign was already up.

The shot hit the back of the rim and bounced out. We lost.

But I told myself I would write this poem today, and guess what? I got this.

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