Then it descends deeper and we get a rehash of a racist hashtag?
Old Git

Really? That’s what you get from #nonglutenfreelivesmatter?A hashtag commented after a post about delicious gluten food choices. That’s where I was going right? Somehow I chose a post about churros and pancakes as my springboard to descend into some deeper implied racism because I’m rehashing a “racist hashtag”?

Let’s address that, shall we. Let’s get my original intention out of the way first, which simply was, hell yeah OP, there’s plenty of good and delicious gluten choices out there, thanks for posting this. It’s in part satirical. The “gluten-free” diet has mostly been taken over as a fad. Many people that don’t have Celiac Disease have converted themselves to the gluten free diet needlessly. The positive part of that is that now people that really do suffer from Celiac disease have plenty of options to choose from now that were formerly gluten-only and are now also available gluten-free. Yay! But the fact remains plenty of people that suffer no adverse effects from the consumption of gluten have jumped on the bandwagon.

Now, let’s deal with #blacklivesmatter which is where I’m guessing you’re coming from. I’m familiar with it, I’m privy to what it stands for. I understand racism is a problem in this country and the world, I understand that police brutality is as well. Violence of any sort towards any group is unacceptable, here and abroad. Yes, injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. Yes, the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and countless nameless others are a tragedy. Flint, Michigan is a tragedy. Yes, #blacklivesmatter started as a campaign to shed light on these issues. Yes, it was met by #alllivesmatter which not only makes the case that all lives matter, but it also manages to tacitly discredit the problem at large which led to the inception of #blacklivesmatter in the first place. I don’t believe everyone that uses #alllivesmatter had racist intent, many did, no doubt. But neither of those two hashtags were my jumping points for #nonglutenfreelivesmatter even though it’s possible to trace back its etymology to them.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) everything in the internet age get’s meme-fied, distorted, re-purposed and re-appropriated. I’ve seen countless examples across social platforms that have re-appropriated the formula of the hashtag to any version of #[fill in the blank] lives matter. Maybe you haven’t and that’s why you think I’m being nasty with my clever wordplay. Or maybe you have and think all those people are also being nasty with their clever wordplay, I don’t know. My clever wordplay began and ended with the gluten free diet fad that is so very chic right now (at least in Miami it is). So, no, I’m not descending deeper into anything, you applied all those assumptions into #nonglutenfreelivesmatter not me. I re-appropriated a hashtag that’s been roaming free on the web for a while now, that’s it.

I challenge you to look through everything I’ve ever posted on Medium to look for something that would give you any inkling as to what you’re accusing me of doing. Dissect every poem, every bit of prose, every essay, every comment and tell me what you find. There won’t be any racism, outward or implied. And if somehow, someway, through lenient interpretations of my words you manage to find some I’ll be more than happy to dispel those notions for you.

And if it wasn’t apparent from what I’ve written. Yes, I support the #blacklivesmatter movement. I support lots of things. #feminismmatters #equalrightsmatter #globalwarmingmatters and so on and so forth for many other things. You want to have a conversation about systemic injustice and things that could be better in the world, fine, we can do that, but do not try to portray my playful use of a hashtag commented on a post about pancakes and churros to be some kind of tacit nod to racism and injustice. It’s not.



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