Serpentine Death

Pimthida Creative Commons

I feel the snakes on me again,
they come slithering 
in the night,
wrapping themselves 
around my body,
around my neck,
resting their weight 
on my chest,
their constriction
slow and deliberate.

Their hissing, 
oh their hissing
slithers too,
swimming in the air,
circling like smoke,
severing the silence,
drawing nearer 
and nearer.

thousands of scales
press against my skin,
ever tighter, 
and tighter still.
The humid night air
harder to inhale
under the meandering weight;
lungs succumb
to sweet strangulation.
Shallow breaths
evaporate into the night, 
never to return.

long sharp fangs,
into defeated flesh
piercing skin,
savoring victim’s blood,
enjoying the fruits
of the night.