Time passes and the future never comes

Zenosyne. The sense that time keeps going faster. As years pass the story of your life becomes more and more defined. Moments that would otherwise shape the course your life may become moments swallowed up in a grand story lasting a lifetime.

The experiences of a child are filled with novel experiences and moments that capture their imagination. They make them stop and wonder. They live each moment, in a dramatic life in which something so simple we could discard it means the world in their story, a story with so much still to be told. But as time passes, a repetitive life of social norms becomes accepted. Days are forgotten in such a vast tale. A tale that gets more and more defined as time passes, feeling the thread slipping through your fingers. Your hopes and aspirations aren’t met as time flies by without a care in the world about you.

Before you know it half your life has passed and you still haven’t done that thing you always wanted to. Stuck in the immediate necessities of life you put off that trip you’ve always wanted to take. You put off writing a book and starting a business because you don’t have time. Days get shorter and your birthday comes a little earlier ever year. It’s a dire situation to be in. But there is a solution. A state of mind to accept. And a future that you must accept will never arrive on its own.

Every time you tell yourself you’ll do it at some point in the future, you’re relegating it to a place in your mind where it’ll sit for eternity. That future will never arrive. You’ll never have nothing to do. You’ll continue working every day, paying bills and letting yourself get pushed down a river flowing ever faster each moment. It’s easy to say you just need to make time for the things you want to do. You’ll argue that you can’t. You’ll argue that you need to do this and that, otherwise the world around you will crumble. But it’s not true. The world won’t crumble. And you’ll look back in the future and realised you never did what you wanted to.

You need to look at the things you want to achieve, and decide what would make your life amazing if you did it right now. I’m sure you’ll list far too many things. It’s easy to get sad that you could never possibly achieve everything. You’ll never see all of the world. You’ll never make all those app ideas, and you’ll never be able to write all those books. But don’t get stuck in a state of denial, pushing away everything and being left doing nothing out of fear of failing at all these goals. Just think for a moment. What singular task could you do now to work toward something that means a lot to you.

It’s much easier to do nothing now, and that’s why you have to do something. Don’t go with the flow of life. Ignore it, and making a little bit of time every day to do something amazing. After a year, a little bit every day can add up to a lot of time. Time that you’ve now spent achieving goals and not waiting for the right moment to start.

Do what feel amazing now. Don’t push it to the future. Do it now. And when the future does come, you can look back and realise you’ve done the things that matter in life.

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