Stop Asking. Start Doing.
Darius Foroux

Sometimes there’s no answer, so you might as well accept the uncertainty. And instead — take action.

But, before conclude to uncertainty and take action, many questions have been asked (and maybe it was not enough)… So your proposition is to by-pass the questionning, to separate intellectual tasks and manual tasks to perform… like industry have doing it on a different scale.

I think this is a conceptual and not realistic point of view. Forcing yourself to not asking, i really think some individuals can have this capacity (not thinking, watch some videos on ytb if you don’t believe me) but not when it’s matter of doing complex tasks.

Asking things to understand your practical environnement…asking things before, while, after doing……but asking right, which is another subject.

To complete this article, i will recommand a book that can really extend your knowledge about the cognitive process of human beeing.

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