Why Optimism Must Follow Failure.

I am not afraid to admit to my many failures. In the course of the last two years, across a range of conditions and ventures, I have regularly stopped short of success. I have experienced first hand how passion, doubt, relentlessness or hesitancy can transform people and a business, both for better or for worse. I am first to admit my failures and successes were a byproduct of the mental attitude I exercised amid adversity. As a budding entrepreneur, I have come to admire the power of attitude and its ability to elevate our success or drive us into failure.

In January, I ate Thai Food with a respected, millionaire entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical space and randomly raised a question bugging my conscious: What is the most important mental attitude for an entrepreneur to possess during hardship? His answer was simple: optimism.

When times get tough, possessing an irrational optimism will empower you with the ability to breakthrough barriers. Optimism is a defining characteristic of successful entrepreneurs and employees because it influences us to redefine the constructs of failure and challenge. People with this defining characteristic rarely associate failure with negative features — it is instead viewed as a generous gift to accelerate learning and encourages us to take second chances. Optimists view challenges as opportunities to learn and grow and build within the vision and mental fortitude to take risks regardless of low probabilities for success. So often, it helps to convince ourselves that the unreachable is within reach, that even amid roadblocks we can envision a brighter day ahead. Passion, belief and a can-do attitude naturally lead us to the positive vision that is so often a prerequisite to success.

We must not neglect the power of optimism and the powerful role it plays in sustaining a positive, entrepreneurial spirit. Optimism has transformed my approach to problems, provided me the perseverance I needed to breakthrough roadblocks, and instilled a healthy dose of hope in times of hardship. The next time you stumble upon a challenge, respond first with positive thoughts to engender the can-do attitude so many of us need to advance in the trenches. This transformative characteristic will beget you to forcefully transcend boundaries and discover your true capabilities.