They say the sky is the limit, but they failed to mention the things that will attempt to limit you on your quest to new heights. When your sole purpose and soul’s purpose is upward progression, you will come in contact with countless ceilings. Whether they be barriers built by blind prejudice (race, gender, class, etc.), dungeons of self-doubt, or just the natural process of outgrowing your current situation, your progress will face resistance on numerous occasions.

Unlike our physical height, we are in full control of our spiritual and creative growth. Some might even say these two things are twins. Whether you are 5′2″ or 6′8″, you decide the height of your greatness. Just how far are you willing to reach? How high do you want to fly? After you answer this, ask yourself if you are prepared for the challenges you will face. There is no reward given that is not earned. Rewards unearned are as good as no reward at all. You will have to fight. With success comes plenty of preliminary failure.

The road less traveled is full of “Dead End” signs. It is up to you to either turn around and backtrack down a road of regret, or ignore the illusion that your journey is over and continue to pave your own way. It is never over. The ONLY thing that can stop you is you. Although, sometimes, it is okay to stop in order to allow certain things to pass.

Imagine being at a 4-way stop sign with Sadness, Anger, and Jealousy. These emotions have no regard for where you are headed, so if you don’t stop and allow them to go on, you will crash and collide with your own mind. Rather than crash, relax. Rest is important. It is okay to stop, as long as you don’t turn around.

There will be ceilings. As you rise and more ceilings appear, a sense of fear will try to cultivate itself within you. Fear is Dead. There is nothing to be afraid of. As these ceilings are created by whatever force is trying to stop you, you will have to muster up the courage to break through. That is the difference. While others sit around confused, forever waiting on their breakthrough, you must choose to break through and create your own breakthrough.

There is no box big enough to hold the heart of the ambitious. You choose how big you will become. No one else can make that decision. Your life, your future, your soul. They are all depending on one thing: You. Do not let failure fool you. Do not let fear fool you. Do not let doubt leave you discouraged. Do not let ANYTHING or ANYONE lie to you. There are no limits. You will hit a ceiling, and many more after that. But keep going. All you have to do is keep going.