Look out everyone, the new girl knows what she’s talking about… time to pack it up.
Michael Westermann

The writer’s right.

Not just about coding, either; same goes for design too.

Some commentators on this thread seem more interested in condescension than apprehension, and in deploying sexist language against their adversary rather than incisive argumentation.

Resistant to the nuance in this article, a few high-profile commentators are trolling the writer instead.

That fact that the writer is a woman (not a girl, please note) and fresh to the job could very well mean she is not wed to the same assumptions upon which these gentlemen/commentators depend for their livelihoods and self-regard.

Arrogance isn’t much of a plan, anymore than hope is. Bookmark these remarks and consult them again in a few years’ time when your friends are on the unemployment line.

Progress takes place one funeral at a time…

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