Arabian Nights — A Love Story

For me life is about moments, where I am and who I spend them with.

This Arabian adventure is all about me spending time with my lover as we celebrate the past 20 years of marriage by immersing ourselves in cultures and places we’ve never been.

But to bring you to this point I have to take you back to Good Friday, April 1995 to a park bench where I am overlooking the Swan River from Kings Park in Perth WA.

Sitting next to me is a stunning Uruguayan lady and in my pocket is a small ruby engagement ring, somehow in next few minutes I hope that that ring will end up on her finger. Doubts flood through my mind, I’m an unemployed Uni student with very little to offer — why would she she want to marry me! But following that time honoured path; that men before and after me have trodden, I reach deep and summon the courage to ask that question.

Alicia will you marry me?

Fast forward 20 years and we’ve raised a family, watched our children grow into young adults, and somehow managed to stay together through a roller coaster ride of life experiences. Sure we’ve argued and given each other the cold shoulder, but we’ve also cried in each others arms, laughed so hard our cheeks have hurt and just sat there in the same room without a word being spoken and known exactly what the other has needed. In short we have been in love for 20 years.

Now back to the present. Yesterday was another of those moments, we stood out in the Arabian desert and I held her in my arms and at that moment I knew what I’ve always known — that I love her.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

What was special about that moment is that the place where is happened is already gone. It happened as we were leaving, the grains of sands were being carried away by the desert winds to form another dune and in 3–4 months our dune will be gone forever.

But for me that moment will last forever and that is all that matters.

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