Arabian Nights — An intimate experience

Dubai is a city of city of first’s so I thought I should make it the city for a personal first — a barbershop shave.

You can’t help but notice that facial hair is de rigueur for Dubai men; and ‘m not talking the Borneo bushman beard we have in Australia, no the guys in Dubai take manscaping to a whole new level of sophistication.

So whilst I was in need of a hair cut I thought it was time to step up and get my beard professionally trimmed.

Most of those guides on the ‘Art of being a Man’ will say that all men at least once in their lives should get professionally shaved by a barber. What they don’t tell you is how damn fine you feel and look afterwards! If I had known I wouldn’t have waited so long to experience this guilty pleasure.

And like most things in Dubai you feel this excess is beyond the normal day to day. Especially when Shadi, my barber, told me in his broken English how his home in Syria had been destroyed. He then introduced me to his colleague, a gentleman from Pakistan, who talked cricket and opportunity as he gave me a straight razor shave and beard trim.

A couple of observations about the experience:

It takes time — Suddenly my 5 min shave and beard trim really doesn't cut it.

It’s dangerous, but in a good way — I challenge anyone not feel their heart rate elevate when the straight edge of the razor glides over your neck.

It’s relaxing — Never did a hot towel feel so good.

All in all I’m so glad I experienced some Dubai facial grooming I’m just not sure I could keep it up at home.

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