It’s time for a change to make America great again

I just voted for Donald Trump, and I strongly encourage all Americans to do the same, whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or something in between. Granted, I come at this issue as a conservative Republican, but we ALL love a country whose greatness flows from our Constitution and the Supreme Court SHOULD be the prime defender of its precepts.

That is why we need strict constitutionalists on our highest court and Donald Trump is the only candidate who will actually do that as part of his desire keep America great. Hillary has already made it chillingly clear that she intends to appoint liberal activist judges that will change America in the wrong way — that’s not good for our children.

No matter what party line we vote, we all believe in jobs and Donald Trump will help create more of them by cutting long-term capital gains from the highest rate in the world. While Trump would spark an economic revival, Hillary wants to raise taxes on the people who work hard, invest and create jobs.

Has Donald Trump said awful things while playing to the crowd? Sadly, yes. Has his moral compass badly slipped in the past? Has he insulted women? Sadly, yes. Do I condone any of that? Absolutely not!

But he has never put America at risk, as Hillary has repeatedly done, from Benghazi, to committing felonies, as a former U.S. Attorney General has opined, for using a personal email server for official business to avoid customary legal transparency. Hillary knew, and any reasonable person would know, that a personal email server used by the U.S. Secretary of State would be repeatedly hacked by the Russians and Chinese, and national security would be compromised, and America made weaker.

Her elitist, arrogant belief that she and Bill are above the laws that you and I must obey under threat of penalty, fueled her greedy nature to repeatedly cut ethical corners, have resulted in numerous scandals that have embarrassed America (including Travelgate, White Water, and Vince Foster). Throw in her efforts to inject the government into medicine with HillaryCare, running interference for her husband’s sexual predation, and facilitating the Clinton Foundation’s unethical and illegal “Pay for Play” approach, and you have a candidate that is utterly unfit to lead.

It’s time for a change to make America great again. Vote for ALL Republicans on your ballot!