Everything you’ve been told about buyer’s journey… doesn’t really matter!

David Hamman
Apr 3, 2017 · 2 min read
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Selling is a relationship.

Everything they told you about buyer’s journey and how you must interrupt it, disrupt it or fit in it — all of it should not matter to you. Forget it as soon and as fast as you can.

The only buyer’s journey that matters to you, for your own sake, is the one you are about to take them on.

Stop thinking and wondering where they are on their journey. That’s like reviewing past lovers of your love interest. Why would you do that?

Focus on where you are about take them. Forget your ego and what you want out of that relationship and make it awesome, intriguing, interesting, fascinating right from the start.

You got their number somehow, maybe even they given it to you. That’s your first shot! Aim carefully and remember — you’re first task is to make them interested enough to give you second shot.

If you’re funny, interesting, if you offer something they can learn from you or, even better, something no one else have ever offered, you will get an invite to a second date.

And you don’t propose marriage on second date. Second date is to get a third one!

And so on. Until they ready to go on this journey with you forever, until the journey they’ve been before they’ve met you matter no more!

When you get to this point, remember — it’s still not about you or what you are selling, what you have on offer. At any stage of buyer’s journey, it’s always about what they need, what they want, where do they want to go. You may not have it, or what you have may not be as good as what they are looking for, so don’t make mistake of trying to push it onto them anyway. This is where cracks in any relationships starting to form and all such relationships end sooner or later.

If/when you don’t have what your partner is after — go out of the limb to find it and get it for them. Their appreciation and reciprocity will be aimed not at whoever provides the solution, meets the need or solves the problem, but at you — the trusted partner, someone who can be counted and relied upon.

When you get to that stage — you’re won. You’re sold more than whatever it is that your company puts on promotional brochures. You sold trust, professionalism, you become someone your buyer can’t imagine life without. No money can buy that kind of rapport.

Enjoy! And don’t mess it up!

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