Marketing. Is. Not. Difficult.

For many marketing “professional” their job seems to be more difficult than it is because there is a lot to consider when making something great, making remarkable piece of marketing. It would become hell of a lot easier for those marketers if they remembered what marketing isn’t, as there are only two factors that make any marketing not worthy of time or effort, instead of bothering with remembering numerous laws and rules. You must agree that remembering two things is easier than remembering 50!? No!?

Listening now! Here are those two things that you need to eliminate from your content to make your job less difficult and to start creating marketing that will get people’s attention.

First of all you don’t market your product or service, advertising is for that.
Secondly your marketing cannot be boring. Political debates are for that.

When creating a campaign now, have a look at your final creation and if any of the above two things is still lurking at you from it — start all over. When you deduct two fatal elements, leaving everything else in there but product, service or boring stuff — chances are you just created something interesting.

If you must — here are some, not all, and not in any particular order

 — it’s never about you
 — who’s your customer
 — customer satisfaction is the key so what you think doesn’t really matter
 — make them feel
 — create wanting 
 — talk, engage, connect
 — answer everyone
 — offer exclusives
 — hijack hashtags
 — own hashtags
 — make it simple but significant
 — be helpful
 — be funny but don’t try to be a comedian 
 — be interesting 
 — entertain & educate
 — quality service 
 — quality photos
 — quality in everything that you do, including morning coffee
 — cooperate, don’t compete 
 — tag people
 — promote others
 — social cause — be part of bigger things 
 — avoid politics
 — reward surveys 
 — reward loyalty 
 — use email list 
 — create events 
 — be part of community
 — be present; often!
 — promote heroes 
 — be available
 — be interested
 — show that you care
 — be strategic 
 — target audience
 — use video
 — be personal 
 — tell stories 
 — be kind

It may not go viral, it may not make you overnight success but, at least it won’t alienate people from you (no one likes bore!). And with practice, as well as with encouragement coming from positive feedback and learning coming from constructive criticism, you will get better and better and better.

Remember! Your goal as marketer is not to become viral sensation. Your job is to inspire people, make them feel, and encourage them to make many happy purchases. Just like in recent Brexit vote — numbers and facts meant nothing, emotions drove winning vote. American election might just prove exactly the same.

If your advertising does not create “WOW!” effect — back to drawing board.

P.S. Whatever you do — do not give into the hype of social media marketing! Such thing does not exists. Social media are for people to communicate with friends and not for them to be bombarded with anyone’s boring adverts (just look at your family and friends, why they are using Facebook or Twitter).

Social Media can be used as one of the channels for your marketing but does not exists as separate discipline! End of!