You can’t improve what you can’t measure, they say. I say sod it!

Minutes, steps, heartbeats — we measure everything.

Likes, shares, comments and “engagement”. Small numbers creating massive paranoia.

Billions, unicorns, pound sterling’s. Putting price on priceless, trying to evaluate everything makes it worthless.

In every day there is 24 hours and in every year (give or take) is 365 days, and every single one of 7 billion of us has exactly the same amount of time.

If you really have to count — count what’s uncountable. Things you will think of in your last moments, things that matter.

Smiles — not only yours but those you witnessed.

Colours of the sunset you encounter on the beach.

The beats your heart skipped.

The sparks in their eyes that made you feel alive and happy.

Light — the one within you that others love to hug.

The sounds of laughter’s around kitchen table.

Music — of someone else’s heartbeat.

The warmth of a bonfire night under the starry sky.

The butterflies — enough said.

The pride and joy of child’s first step.

The peace and calm that helping hand brings.

The kiss — when two souls unite in ecstatic dance.

The things that really matter — aren’t things at all. And they cannot be counted.

Looking backwards you won’t be remembering things you can count, you will be remembering countless things that cannot be measured!