Some people will tell you that in order to progress you must learn new skills. That is good. Learning is good, and knowledge is good. But there is an easier way to improve and get things done faster, better, more accurate and of higher quality, did you know that!?

When your plate is already full it is hard to add anything to it. Did you notice how much more space you get on your desk when you put things in their places, when you organize it, when you place some stuff, even hide it, in drawers? Did you notice how much more eager you are to work and do something new as soon as you tidy up or throw away old stuff?

The same works for your mind and the library of your skills and information stored there.

If (or when) you’ve been doing certain things for significant length of time your first point of agenda, if you want to move forward and get different result from current, is to to unlearn. Make space for new knowledge and new info by getting rid of old and useless.

Here is the list of things you may want to start unlearning now.

Unlearn bad habits that are holding you back.

Unlearn giving in to distractions.

Unlearn giving in to instant gratification.

Unlearn living in the past. It’s been, you can’t change that.

Unlearn overanalysing.

Unlearn seeing things as you are, see them as they are.

Maybe you should unlearn making statements?

Unlearn negativity, it’s not moving you forward.

Unlearn busyness; start achieving things, not just doing things.

Unlearn wasting time.

Unlearn being polite, be honest instead.

Unlearn notion that you know.

And more…

If you can do this, unlearn one of those things or all of them at the same time, you will instantly see the difference and improvement in your life, professional or personal.

Go clean up your garage, or basement, so to speak, and if you want to learn few tricks how to get rid of that junk and ballast that is holding you back — give me a shout (david.hamman@gmail.com)

The sooner you make space and time for new, the sooner your future will start taking shape as you always dreamed it.