… world we’re living in… part III

irony?… picture stolen form Internet… sue me

Think about that for about a minute.

Who benefits the most from broken EU, weak GB, conflict or disharmony between US and the rest of the world…? Who? Who will benefit most on Brexit and all that nationalism that is going on?

Any guesses?

Here are mine:

1. criminals and arm dealers
 2. crooked businesses 
 3. politicians

More borders, more restrictions, more “behind closed doors meetings” and deals, more shady dealings, more tax cuts for “special groups”. 
More corruptions and envelops changing hands. 
More grey areas. 
More conflict and trouble.


Religion guilty of women discrimination.

Think about this one for a moment too.

Greeks, Romans, and anyone before them had no problem with women. They even had Goddesses. Yes, the top dog was male but hordes of other gods were from both sexes.

And then Christianity came and put certain restrictions on people with vaginas. And over thousands of years’ male priest told women what to do and what not! While some of them raped little boys. Kinda not cool.

And until religion (that bizarre mythology) will play any role in life guys, starting from highest levels as example comes from the top, will abuse & discriminate women; they’ll screw around Monday to Friday and go to church on Sunday.


Did you notice how if you want to learn something — you go to Twitter.
On Facebook there is rarely anything worth sharing or reading. For intelligent people, anyway.
And Google — overloaded! How can you trust search engine when results can be bought!


… “a leaked memo revealed that Facebook created a presentation for finance-industry customers showing how they could target children who were anxious, depressed or frightened, to sell to them at vulnerable moments. You couldn’t ask for a neater demonstration of the power computers to make the worst parts of our lives even worse.Cory Doctorow


Uber to present network of flying cars by 2020! 
Wait the sec. 
Are flying cars still cars?


Speaking of Uber; in near future episodes of Criminal Minds will be about bosses of today’s tech companies like Uber, Google, Facebook. 
Mark my words Mark.

There is a crime behind every big fortune, said Balzac once.


Speaking of Balzac…

Books worth reading:

American pastoral by Philip Roth. You will never find this book advertised as thriller yet it holds your attention like one. No one writes like Roth. Maybe only Vonnegut but that’s the other story. Deep, multi-layered, insightful, captivating, interesting. Old school. Literature! With Capital L.

Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed. This book will change the way you think about success, determination, perseverance, and maybe will help you not to give up on your dreams.


It’s cold outside. Spring is nowhere to be seen yet and… Figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government show more than half of councils in England recorded a rise in rough sleeping compared with the year before. Not good!


Next time I will try to collect some less black stories.

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