When Sunsets Burn

David I. Adeleke
Apr 18, 2018 · 1 min read

Once I bore the sun in me,

It glowed and brightened me,

It rose and set in me,

Through cloudy days and nights starless,

Its glorious gold washed over my heart’s palace.

Once the sun shined through me,

It blessed Earth’s treaders and Sky’s wanderers through me,

Plants and trees and oceans shimmered beneath its glare,

Doves and eagles and falcons gloried in equal share,

Mountains and valleys flourished in its care.

Once the sun lived in me,

We dined and wined and laughed as one,

We wished and dreamed and hoped as one,

We loved and fought as lovers do, forgave and moved on as lovers do,

But what happens when you fight and move on,

Never to be one again?

What happens then?

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