a distant shore

I know why I love the sea

You came into my life one summer

When you were fourteen.

But I can only remember a couple of things

About our first meeting.

…The movement of your lips speaking English

As if it was foreign to me.

Asking me

With that Chicago accent

How I liked LA.

I’d never been there.

But I knew what you Chicagoans meant.

“I like it a lot dude”

I responded in the most Orange County way.

You stood unshakable.

You looked like a statue.

Carefully crafted hair.

Artful eyes filled with life.

Beauty beaming.

Streaming down your face,

Down your neck.

Where I noticed the second thing

that stuck with me:

…A necklace of seashell beads.

Strung delicately.

You wore it as if you were wearing the sea.

And there was something deep.

Like a raging abyss.

Like a high tide.

Like a magnetic rip tide.

Dragging me in.

To the edge of your soul.

Where the sand meets the sea.

I couldn’t fight the storm.

Wind and waves

Stirring in me.

I dove straight into that peril.

And somewhere between the sway of the Chicago-English on your lips

And delicately strung seashell beads,

My heart anchored.

In the depths of that sea.

Call it love at first sight.

But I know that on that day

I left my home on the shores of a love I never thought I’d find myself adrift.

The mystery of the sea and everything else in it reminds me of you.

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