Sasha Is The Future

So this past Monday on Raw, it was Sasha vs Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship. I wasn’t expecting a title match against Charlotte until SummerSlam. I was looking forward to watching that match at SummerSlam because I just knew it would be a top match and the possibility of Sasha winning at the 2nd biggest PPV of the year.

So at the beginning of he show, Mick Foley announces that Sasha will be facing Charlotte in a championship match, due to Charlotte tapping out to Sasha the previous night at BattleGround(Sasha & Bayley vs Charlotte & Brooke). I was pretty excited for this match

but in all honesty knew that Sasha wouldn’t win. This is Monday night RAW. The title isn’t going to change hands here. Oh how wrong I was.

So here we go. The women make their entrances and get things started. Start off with an aggressive collar and elbow tie-up which in my mind tells a great story of the aggression and hatred towards each other. Great start to the match and great storytelling.

Dana intervenes by grabbing Sasha to give Charlotte an advantage. I seriously can’t stand Dana (her skills are lacklustre in the ring too) but she is a fantastic heel and compliments Charlotte well.

Therefore, one of my favourite moments in this match was when Sasha paid tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero, and threw Charlotte’s title belt to Dana and acted as if she was about to get attacked by her. Something Guerrero made famous.

Immediately the ref made the good decision to send Dana to the back. Charlotte was going mad and quite rightly so, as now Charlotte has to do it all on her own with no interference. Sashas smile and wave perfected this moment. FINALLY a true one versus one title match. Although I still had no hope of Sasha winning tonight. Not because she couldn’t, but because it was Raw and I didn’t expect a title change.

As the match progressed I realised to myself this is no normal singles match. This is a match of the year candidate on Monday Night Raw. This was a WrestleMania calibre match. It just goes to show how strong the women’s division can be when you have two highly talented women’s wrestlers in the ring and what they can do.

There were many great spots in this match. From Charlotte’s moonsault to the outside catching Sasha, definitely a holy shit moment, as well as Sashas dive to the outside where she landed horribly on her neck and seriously looked like she had done some damage. Thankfully she didn’t seem to be injured and was able to carry on with the match.

Multiple banks statements to Charlotte but she has managed to escape from submitting. A few close calls here. This match was awesome from beginning to end as the audience indicated with their “this is awesome” chants.

The sheer frustration on Charlotte’s face and telling her “You will never beat me, ever” really showed the intensity of the match. Both participants were doing every single thing in their arsenal to get the win.

Then the magical moment happens. Another banks statement from Sasha and Charlotte has no choice but to tap out.


“Here is the winner and your new WWE Women’s Champion”

WTF Sasha did it. She actually did it and on an episode of Monday Night Raw. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I marked out like a ten year old at this moment and I’m not ashamed to say there were tears. I’ve followed Sasha ever since NXT and I believe she is one of the worlds best women’s wrestlers ever to step in the ring. She has taken the division to new heights and exceeds expectations every single match. By God she deserves this moment.

You can see the emotion in her face and Sasha “You deserve it” you truly do. I know you are gonna be one hell of a champion and bring your game every single night.

So thank you for one of the most inspiring women’s matches I’ve seen since I can remember.

Charlotte trying to keep in character was really difficult. You could see her smiles coming through but she had to try stay in character. It was a great moment. You could see how proud Charlotte was of Sasha finally getting her moment. That made it even more enjoyable.

Sasha, I’m so damn proud of you right now! Thank you Sasha

Thanks for reading.

Written by David Mathie

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