SCARF and Holacracy

The concepts of Holacracy & SCARF were brought to my attention through Medium.

Now 2 years later, Stirman’s philosophy is closer to a Performance Management standard than it is a crazy start-up methodology.

Even Zappos is on board….

Bureaucracy has given way to an innovation strategy based on Idea Generation… Citi is trying it too…

Middle Managers can no longer protect their talent or discourage them in a silo. Those with something to contribute have a megaphone.

So how do you control the wild west of transparent competency?

Introducing SCARF

Employees have the opportunity to choose their path to motivation. Managers have a system that promotes trust as the standard for evolution.

Commonsense is often overlooked in the name of preserving tradition. We don’t have time to allow time to dictate progress.

Is it working?

Share Your Thoughts….

~ Dave