How the Choices you make Today will determine your Tomorrow

This is a time of investment. Investing is about making decisions in the present that will have a major impact on your future.

They often seem to be small decisions when you are making them, so you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them.

Looking back, however, you will see that these minor decisions actually have had the biggest effect on your life.

They might involve thinking whether you go to that social event, if you take that extra course, or if you participate in that project.

You will realize that making these choices will actually influence which people you will meet and therefore which opportunities you will get.

The world is moving and we are walking on our own trail called life. We are hiking in stages towards our destination, goals we have in life. There are many trails you can walk on, easy ones with a low profile and more difficult ones over mountains — more exhausting.

Let’s go on vacation

I would like to take you guys on a journey, invite you to my summer vacation. Let’s fly to the island Mallorca, Spain — one of my favourite places to go.

Beautiful beaches with a light blue sea, but also astonishing nature and beautiful mountains.

When you’re there you have two options: relax on the beach the whole time or take a trip to the mountains.

I like being on the beach—you get a nice tan and feel all relaxed. But both will be gone after a few weeks back home.

If you go for a hike in the mountains instead, you will have memories that will last forever, even after your tan is gone. You will get to the most beautiful places, hidden spots you would have never discovered elsewhere.

Strive to achieve

Imagine you’re hiking up that mountain in the hot sun, you’re sweating like crazy and you’re running low on water.

But once you’re on the peak of the mountain you know what you’ve achieved. You have a beautiful view, and can see more than those people on the beach.

You have to work hard, but what you get is much more rewarding.

Challenge yourself

Everyone can lie on the beach; it’s not really difficult, right?

But if you’re taking that hike you can explore your own strengths and talents by the trail you choose to. You will discover unique spots and beautiful nature, maybe a little waterfall, and you will have stories to tell.

Keep looking for challenges every day and grow on them. Face challenges, succeed and feel the satisfaction and reward that you achieved something.

Support and Opportunities

When you’re on that journey up the mountain, it might be risky. There might be some dangerous animals or you might run out of water.

But along the way you will meet individual people that will help you. They will give you advice and the water you need to reach the peak.

Talking to them will also give you inspiration for your future trips. They will be the opportunities in life that you would not have gotten on the beach.

Bringing it all together

This is about you being unique. It is your own hike. You determine your journey and the trail you are walking on, based on your strengths and interests.

Walk alone, team up with friends — learn from each other. Don't take along people that don’t like hiking, they will only demotivate you. People you meet will help you brand yourself and they will give you opportunities that match your strengths.

Get better — if you do this more often you continuously learn from your past experiences.

Enjoy the way, focus on the bright sides of life and see the positive, and you’ll succeed; keep focused on your goals and reward yourself

Everyone can relax on the beach, but you need to have the endurance, motivation, ambition and eagerness to get out of your comfort zone to finally live your life. It’s your choice.