Easter: A celebration of new life

Easter is here again and for many of us it reminds of spring and new life. I think of how Christ suffered and the miracle of him coming back from the grave and bringing us the hope of second chances and another life after death.

For many of you it may not be such a time of inspiration and hope if you happen to be dealing with hardship like chronic illness or a recent death or a family member who is in a self-destructive lifestyle of addiction; or perhaps you are unemployed not knowing how you will get your bills paid or how you will eat today. Some of you may be dealing with the sadness and emptiness that comes from loneliness feeling like no one knows you exist or cares. I feel for you today, as well.

I know you might relate more to the Christ that is still wrapped up in the death clothes, paralyzed and unable to move — feeling powerless to move. It may seem dark and cold like in the grave cave and like it’s taking a long time for someone to remove the stone that is blocking your way out. You may feel like you have died already, as well, and will never get up again.

I want you to find some hope today through the story of Easter. I would love for you to understand that the story of Christ’s death and resurrection is not just about him but it is the story about you, as well. The story of things dying and coming back in new and better form is the story of life, of nature — and it’s one that can remind you that as a universal law of death and re-generation, you will not stay “dead” for long!

So, know that in time there will be an event where your blocking stone will shift some and there will be a ray of light and hope that will come through. And when it comes through you will receive renewed strength and ability to get up. You will be able to pull off the tight, binding death wrap and stand up and take a step toward your future. Watch for these opportunities and take some action toward them and be open to something different happening. Allow something different to occur so that your future has some new material with which to work.

Soon, there will be some momentum and the space you need to go through into your “resurrected” form will widen and allow you to expand into your better, more powerful next stage. You, like Christ will walk out from your current state of stuck-ness and transcend into the next generation of your life.

So, be of good hope– rise up and take a step today as you think of the power and hope of Christ’s celebrated day of resurrection!

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