10 Things learned working at U.P.S over 10 years.

1)Ruthless efficiency

Never be satisfied with what’s working.There is always a way to improve things.Keep tweaking and trying till something works.What was an occasional tweak will be the new standard.

2)Profit/Loss:Just because your making money doesn’t mean you can afford to waste it.Look for ways to save on every expense.Identify your biggest money bleeder and attack that.Think in the long term.Look for the non obvious expenses you might have previously ignored.

3)Industry leader:If you are going to be an industry leader you have to think different and anticipate industry trends.Being an industry leader is not any feat.To remain one for an sustainable amount of time is hard.You have to stay ahead in all sectors especially technology.

4)Time management :Be efficient with your time.You can get a lot done in an hour.You have more time than you think you have always.Test your max capabilities and challenge your limits everyday.Then your max will become your norm.The Power of An Hour .You can accomplish a lot in an hour.

5)Organization Be meticulously organized. Organization breeds efficiency and speed to the task at hand.

6)Speed and strategy:When an organization devises a strategy to deliver consistent and fast results to customers or shareholders.They don’t care how or who does the work.They just want the end result.In other words the no decision making grunts at the bottom of the food chain absorb a majority of that end result driven workload.Nothing personal you just at the wrong end of the food chain.In this new age economy we are in they don’t want it now.They wanted it yesterday. Speed wins.

7)Stress tolerance:You have to have a unlimiting capacity to raise your stress levels.To work and strive in a highly productive environment.

8)Mental Dexterity: Keep a sharp mental mindset.Being able to mentally organize and access key details.As related to the task at hand or problem solving. Remembering key info at the drop of a dime.You have to have a well thought out mental organizational operating system(Your brain).

9)Problem Solving:always go the extra mile to solve the problem at hand.If you keeping letting your mind toil .You will come up with a solution.

We don’t invest enough mental energy in a solution but give to much to the problem.We usually give up to soon on critical thinking.

10)Physical vs Mental stress and worth You don’t want to get stuck on the wrong side of the game.Anybody with a back can do the physical aspects of a job.Put the knowledge workers will last longer.Your back & body will eventually wear out.But you gain mental stamina from constantly solving problems and being able to think things through. Designing and or managing the laborious tasks. But its funny the demands of your mental toll via strees and physical toll can both be detrimental when they are constantly over taxed.

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