The Level Up Manifesto

1. Leveling Up is a sustainable state of mind. To achieve the goals and desires of the ideal life you want to create. In any area of your life. Be it artistically occupational, health,wealth, relationships,ambitions, your craft, any worthwhile pursuit.

2. People are generally in a disempowered state.Be bigger than the problem. The mental energy required to empower yourself comes from within. Accept no limitations for your ideal life or situation.

3. First off you have to access where you are and where you wanna be.(Field Position) What is it that drives you to attain where you wanna be? Do you only put in the work when it’s convenient or comfortable?If so your results are gonna match your effort.Look for small wins along the way to the big win. The daily details add up.

4. Rewire your mindset. Destroy limiting beliefs. People tend to accept what they feel they deserve. We let ourselves down with low expectations. Go to the highest level of yourself and stay there.

5. Invest time and or money into your personal development. Zig Ziglar says “you finish school but your education should never stop”. What are you learning daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? Expose yourself to new challenges , environments and people circles. Get around those you can learn from and exchange value with.

6. Momentum :it’s easier and you learn more by sticking thru the tough times and learning as you go. Than stopping and starting and trying to catch up.If you are putting enough energy into it you will the results to match your energy level. It usually takes more time and energy than you think .

7. See obstacles as opportunities to solve a new problem and learn something in the process.

8. Staying in the game: it’s natural to get tired but don t let that drive die down to low.Don’t let your pilot light go out to where you have to re-ignite it. Timeout is better than burnout. Regroup and re-strategize.

9. Check yourself at the challenge point:when you face a challenge do you tend to rise to the occasion or backdown? Growth is only achieved in discomfort.

10. Your excuses are your own: Who are doing it for? What’s your end game result? Do you like the results you got so far? Average effort =average results. Go it at like never before. More aggressively. Your next level is waiting on you.