Through the Heart

In the evening breeze I remember

And the fragrance of love envelops my senses

I was younger then and so much more worldly

Than I am now

And heartfelt conversation was the way of the world

Anticipation of hours that would fly by in moments

And the nightlight accentuated your beauty

What an incredibly unique experience

And then you up and left

And I was left to wonder why?

There is no point in redefining

When life was upended

Or the fear, distrust or a change of heart occurred

Revising the past to soothe one’s precious psychy

Though in vogue these days

Simply fills one with regret

And further discontent

I survived the trauma

Of lost moments and golden opportunities

Replaced with jaded fragments of wonderful moments

Clinging to the promise that didn’t deliver

Of love that would save us both

From the isolation that causes one to shutdown

Vowing to never be hurt again

Lying to oneself continuously

As a broken heart refuses to fully heal

I sniffed the evening breeze tonight

And caught a familiar breath

And I was alive once again

Teeming with possibility of what once was…

-David Moorad

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