If no one had ever bitten the hand that feeds us, we’d all still be working 80 hours a week in the…
Sonny Bohanan

All this would make perfect sense if in the first place the wage she earned would’ve been as low as you imply. Sure, it’s in an area where you can’t afford to live on your own when you choose to do an English major, but that’s the thing: Picking her major and accepting this job is all stuff she did herself. As an European I am entirely against the concept of at-will labor and I think that it should legally not be allowed to fire someone without a good reason, but if you mind that: complain to the government and your representatives, not to the CEO of a company whose contract you picked yourself and you are representing.

And as far as the 40 hour work week, from what I have read up it’s surprisingly enough not workers and labour unions demanding it historically, but rather a combination of labourers preferring contracts like that and companies realizing that it’s far better to hire 3 people for 40 hours a week than 2 people for 60 hours a week… whilst initially the cost was the same. Of course there is a trade off and it depends on the job how well it can be split up and other factors like decreasing family sizes and women being forced to work due to the previous century feminists.

Point in case: it’s not complaining that makes the world a better place, it’s about working towards solutions. And yes, even just writing about the hard times you’re having is totally fine (as the Dutch say: shared pain is half the pain), but once you start just (unfairly) complaining about your boss… that’s both counter productive and is going to make you just hate your own situation all the more. There is a big problem with capitalism and the free market — wealth and power have a natural tendency to get centralized — and searching for proper solutions to that is one of the greatest challenges the next few generations will face, but that doesn’t mean that everybody who’s rich and powerful right now has done anything wrong or should be attacked. He — through his employees — offered her a certain pay with certain benefits in return for her doing a certain job and she took it.

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